Personalize Your Wedding

It’s YOUR wedding day, and you should be able not only to outline how the day will progress but also relax and enjoy the moment.

When you choose Love-n-Commitment 4ever, you are choosing to personalize your wedding day.

It’s all about the process. We meet to go over the logistics — such as date, time, location, etc. — then we talk about how you want to make your day special. As a former reporter and writer, I’m used to interviewing people to find the most important pieces and the most intriguing stories to tell.

We’ll review the invocation — how you and the wedding ceremony should be introduced. This is an opportunity for me to share a heartfelt story, so I will take time to get to know you.

We’ll talk about guest speakers, whether they read poems or religious texts, recite their own stories or a famous literary passage.

We’ll talk about vows — what you want to say to each other and how you want to deliver the message.

Do you want a sermon? Unity candle? Sand ceremony?

These are all things to consider, and bring me your own unique ideas. There are no limitations. I work with you to create a unique ceremony that reflects your wishes.